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The Magic of Melanie AI Commands within Chat Shortcodes

In the age of conversational AI, Melanie AI has introduced a nifty feature to web designers and content creators: commands inside chat shortcodes. At its core, it allows real-time dynamic updates to a website’s UI through chat-like interactions. Among these commands, a particular favorite of mine is the list shortcode. By setting a default value using tildes (~), Melanie AI offers an intuitive way for users to understand the context or most likely choice. The format? Simple: [LIST- ~DefaultValue~OtherOption1|OtherOption2|...].

Let’s explore some fun and practical applications of this feature.

  1. “Hey Melanie, I need to list my hobbies for a profile page. Can you provide a default list to get me started?” Response: Sure thing! Here's a starting point: [LIST- ~Reading~Hiking|Cooking|Photography|Dancing]
  2. “Melanie, I’m brainstorming vacation destinations for next year. Any suggestions?” Response: Absolutely! How about these? [LIST- ~Bali~Paris|New Zealand|Japan|Canada]
  3. “Melanie, can you help me set up a list for potential workshop topics?” Response: Of course! Here are some trending topics: [LIST- ~Mindfulness and Meditation~AI and Technology|Sustainable Living|Photography Basics|Creative Writing]
  4. “I’m curating a movie night, Melanie. Can you help me pick a genre?” Response: Definitely! Which one interests you the most? [LIST- ~Romantic Comedy~Horror|Sci-Fi|Documentary|Animation]

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