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Even a 5-year-old can navigate the Promptinator:

Step-by-Step Guide: Fun with the Promptinator!

 🌟 Are you ready to have some fun with Melanie AI’s Promptinator? It’s a magical tool where you can do complex things with simple shortcodes within a smart prompt! Let’s learn how to use it:

🔠 Text Input

You can tell the Promptinator your name or your favorite color, and allow others to customize it for them.

How to Use: Just type inside the box that says [Label ~default text~] – like [Name ~YourName~]!

💫 Magic Tip: You can see some words already there to help you know what to say!

🅰 Adjustable Textarea (A)

Want to tell a story or share your big ideas? This is the place to do it!

How to Use: Use this space [A-Label- |number of rows| ~default context~] – like [A-Story- |5| ~Once upon a time…~] to write more and more!

💫 Magic Tip: You can write long stories and topics here, as big as your imagination!

🅱 Buttons (Single Selection, B)

Sometimes, choosing can be fun! Would you like ice cream or cake? Use this button to pick your favorite before sending it to the AI!

How to Use: Click on your choice in [B-Label- |option1|option2|…| ~option2~] – like [B-Favorite Dessert- |Ice Cream|Cake| ~Ice Cream~]!

💫 Magic Tip: You can only pick one, so choose the one you like the most!

✅ Checkboxes (C)

Can’t choose one? No worries! Here, you can choose more than one, yay!

How to Use: Tick the boxes you like in [C-Label- |option1|option2|…| ~default checked option1,default checked option2,…~] – like [C-Favorite Animals- |Cats|Dogs| ~Cats,Dogs~]!

💫 Magic Tip: You can pick as many as you want, it’s double the fun!

🔽 Dropdown Menu (D)

Here’s a secret box with many surprises inside! Click to see all the options and pick your favorite!

How to Use: Click and choose from [D-Label- |option1|option2|…| ~default option~] – like [D-Favorite Color- |Red|Blue|Green| ~Blue~]!

💫 Magic Tip: You can explore all the options before making your choice!

📧 Email (E)

Oh! This is a special place where grown-ups can share their email!

How to Use: Grown-ups can type their email in [E-Label ~default email~] – like [E-Parent Email ~mommy@example.com~]!

💫 Magic Tip: This is a special area, so always ask a grown-up for help!

🔗 Internet (I)

Wow! Here you can find magical links to fun places on the internet! Click and see where it takes you!

How to Use: Click on the fun links inside [I-The prompt sponsors label- |thewebsite.com|anotherwebiste.com| ~thedefault~] – like [I-Fun Places- |playground.com|zoo.com| ~playground.com~]!

💫 Magic Tip: These links take you to new adventures, but always explore with a grown-up!

🅿 Post (P)

This is a magic button that sends all your choices on a magical journey to the Promptinator!

How to Use: Press the special button [POST http://www.example.com] to send your magical choices on an adventure!

💫 Magic Tip: This is the button that makes all your choices come to life!


That’s it, brave explorers! You are now ready to have a fun adventure with the Promptinator! Remember, it’s always more fun when you explore with a grown-up! Ready, Set, Explore! 🚀

I hope this guide serves as a friendly and fun introduction to the Melanie AI Promptinator system for young users. It combines learning with fun, making the technology approachable and enjoyable.

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