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Dynamic Prompt Input Field Creation in Text Editors Using Bracket Enclosed Text

Inventor: John Coates

A system and method for creating dynamic input fields in a text editor, wherein the text editor automatically identifies bracket-enclosed text and generates corresponding input fields, allowing for real-time modification of the enclosed text. This tool is particularly useful for creating and modifying prompts for AI language models.

Background of Invention:
Current text editing tools offer limited functionalities in terms of dynamic text modification. Although these tools allow text manipulation, they often require the user to manually edit text elements. This invention seeks to enhance user interaction and flexibility with text modification tasks, particularly in the context of creating prompts for AI language models.

Summary of Invention:
The invention provides a text editor capable of identifying bracket-enclosed text, and subsequently generating corresponding input fields. This enables users to easily modify specific parts of the text in real-time, and increases efficiency in workflows involving repeated text modifications. The system also includes a server-side component that handles saving modifications to a database.

Detailed Description:
Upon receiving input text, the text editor scans it to identify instances of bracket-enclosed text. These instances are then converted into dynamically generated input fields, each linked to the corresponding bracket-enclosed text.

Users can then interact with these fields to modify the content of the associated bracket-enclosed text. As a user types within an input field, the corresponding bracket-enclosed text in the original document is updated in real-time. This process leverages JavaScript and AJAX to ensure a seamless and instantaneous user experience.

In conjunction with the client-side text editor, a server-side component is utilized to persist these modifications. Upon a user confirming their changes, an AJAX request is made to the server-side component. This request includes information about the new content for each dynamic input field. The server-side component then processes this request, persisting the changes to a database and ensuring that user modifications are not lost.


A method for creating dynamic input fields in a text editor, the method comprising: identifying bracket-enclosed text within an input text document; generating an input field corresponding to each instance of bracket-enclosed text; enabling user modification of the content of the generated input fields; updating the bracket-enclosed text in the original text document corresponding to the modifications made in the associated input field; and persisting the modifications to a database.

The method of claim 1, wherein the text editor is used for creating and modifying prompts for an AI language model.

The method of claim 1, further comprising the use of JavaScript and AJAX to provide real-time updates of the bracket-enclosed text as the user modifies the content of the associated input field.

The method of claim 1, wherein the server-side component processes the AJAX requests and updates the database accordingly.


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